My thoughts on making jewelelry

 As I reflect on the path I've walked for the past three decades, I am reminded of the unwavering importance of being the best that I can be at my craft. As a hand engraver and a jewelry maker, I have poured my heart and soul into each intricate piece, striving for nothing less than perfection. In a world where speed and instant gratification often take precedence, I find solace in holding onto the belief that the old ways are indeed the best ways. It's not about how fast a piece is completed, but rather the quality and artistry that resonate within it. Time is but a fleeting factor compared to the enduring legacy of a masterpiece. I've come to realize that my dedication to taking the necessary time to create a quality piece is more valuable to me than any amount of money or fleeting notoriety. Each stroke of the engraving tool, each meticulously placed gemstone, they all contribute to a narrative that speaks not of haste, but of an artisan's devotion to their craft. The rhythm of my work is not dictated by a clock but by the profound connection I forge between my skills and the raw materials before me. When I gaze upon the works of the master artists of the past, the thought never crosses my mind to question how long it took them to create their marvels. Instead, I am captivated by the intricate details, the harmonious blend of design and craftsmanship, and the sheer dedication infused into every curve and line. These creations stand as testaments to the enduring value of taking one's time, of laboring over each nuance until it reaches a state of perfection that defies the constraints of time itself. In a world where trends come and go in the blink of an eye, I find reassurance in my commitment to the pursuit of excellence. I am not crafting for the temporary accolades, but for the enduring resonance of a piece that transcends time. The world may be changing, but the core principles of true craftsmanship remain unshaken. So, as I continue my journey as a hand engraver and a jewelry maker, I remind myself of the importance of staying true to my craft. The path of mastery is not rushed, nor is it defined by shortcuts. It is a journey of patience, dedication, and a profound love for the art I create. With each piece that I bring to life, I add my own chapter to the legacy of artisans who believed, as I do, that the finished work is the true testament of our dedication. Here's to the timeless pursuit of craftsmanship and excellence.